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Our friend Brooklyn just returned from an amazing dream trip with her family. The Reeves stayed at the Give Kids the World resort in Orlando, Florida. They were able to visit the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, universal studios and many other premier sites all while being treated as royalty!

Brooklyn has been diagnosed with Wolfram Syndrome, a very rare disease with lots of different symptoms and complications that can lead to deafness and loss of vision. It was very important for Brooklyn to be able to see “her” castle and all of the princess things that follow before her disease progresses any further.

Wyatt Salmons was most certainly a warrior. He enjoyed all the things young boys enjoy, hunting, horseplay and cool cars. Early in 2019 Wyatt received a devastating diagnoses of DIPG, a rare form of childhood brain cancer. For over a year Wyatt and his family fought the disease. During this fight, the Central Missouri Dream factory was able to make Wyatt’s dream of attending the SEMA Automotive Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Wyatt and his family enjoyed a special community send-off to the airport, complete with shutting down I-70 for a time so that classic cars could pass his limo and show him their best burnouts! While in Vegas, Wyatt participated in the red carpet presentation of show cars, enjoyed a special tour inside the SEMA show, and was also able to meet Steve Darnell, one of his favorite car shop owners.

Much of this trip was made possible by connections made during a presentation about Wyatt at the Dream Factory’s 2019 Poker Tournament. The SEMA show is closed to the public and admission is strictly reserved for exhibitors. Without the contacts made from our poker tournament, the emails that many sent to members of the SEMA board and volunteers who worked tirelessly making phone calls and connections, this dream might not have happened.

So, we didn’t realize just how generous Give Kids the World Village is and how many park tickets we get! Also, we didn’t realize Sesame Street is at Sea World, or how amazing the Christmas decorations are, so our Sunday chill day, turned in to a day at Sea World!!! We had a good time, and the highlight was the Elmo Christmas show!! Watching Zeke’s pure joy brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of why we are here!