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Core Values

Dream Factory Core Values - DREAM BIG

Dedication-We are dedicated to doing everything within our power to create a positive and memorable experience for all children, all families, all volunteers and all supporters.

Responsibility-We are committed to being an ethically, fiscally and socially responsible volunteer-driven organization.

Equitable-We provide dreams for qualified children who have a critical or chronic illness, regardless of who they are, and without discrimination and without prejudice.

Attention-We are attentive to the desires of our children, their families, our volunteers and our supporters.

Mission-driven-We will fulfill our mission of granting dreams for critically and chronically ill children and are committed to working as a team with mutual respect.

Be You-we as an organization value diversity and foster a sense of belonging for all children, families, volunteers and supporters.

Inclusive-We believe “All means all” including all children, all families, all volunteers and all supporters.

Grace-We place the medical and personal needs of our dream children and their families above all else.