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Elissa P's Shopping Spree Dream

On Sunday, August 23, 2020 we granted our first DREAM since the COVID Pandemic.   Elissa P, a 15 year old from Memphis diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, received her “Virtual Shopping Spree” courtesy of the Collierville Ski Club and the 2020 Ski Freeze Fundraiser.  Unlike our P/P (pre-pandemic) shopping sprees, Elissa scoured the internet for her shopping list.  All of the items were ordered and shipped to her Dream Managers’ home.  The next question…how do we make her virtual dream memorable?

It kicked off at 3 PM, when a Limo Express limousine picked up Elissa, her three friends (Desiree, Taylor and Katie) and her mom (Emily) at home.  They headed to Collierville, TN to the private lake where the Ski Club trains.  Her loot was placed on some tables for her arrival.  Upon her arrival, she was greeted by several Ski Club members and Dream Factory volunteers…all wearing masks.  After taking a look at all the items she chose, Elissa and her friends were treated to a thrill ride in the Club’s Nautique ski boat.  Elissa surprised her dream managers, Brian and Margo Juengling, with a Dream Factory logo she hand painted.  On that back was her personal note “thank you so so so much – Elissa”.

Shortly thereafter, and a few photos later, Elissa and her entourage loaded back up in the limo headed to her favorite restaurant…Chipotle Mexican Grill to pick up her TO GO Dream Party Dinner and then headed home to share her experience with friends and family.

We are very thankful for the privilege to grant her DREAM in spite of the pandemic and consider this one of many to come.  Together, we make dreams come true!


March 14th "Tap Into Dreams" FUND RAISER at THE CASUAL PINT

Our thanks to The Casual Pint for hosting our 1st “Tap into Dreams” Fundraiser on Saturday, March 14th. 

The event netted $271.87 in donations.  Although the Coronavirus dampened our attendance, it didn’t dampen the spirits of those who attended.  We look forward to another event with The Casual Pint and to make it much more successful.