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Refer A Child


The Dream Factory is the largest volunteer-driven wish-granting organization that grants dreams to children 3 through 18 who are either critically or chronically ill. We believe that children who suffer from chronic illness also endure trauma, stress and depression. We strive to provide hope and happiness for children with serious illness by making dreams come true.

In order to be eligible for a dream:

      • The child must be 3 to 18 years old
      • The critical or chronic illness must be documented and affirmed by a treating physician.
      • The child must be able to communicate his or her dream to a volunteer screening representative of The Dream Factory
      • The child must NOT have received a wish/dream from any other wish-granting organization

PLEASE NOTE: Dream referrals will only be considered for children who reside in communities where chapters exist. The Dream Factory regrets that our volunteers are not able to grant all requests, but must limit their efforts to their local children. Click here to find local chapters.

The Dream Factory grants dreams without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ethnic origin or economic status.

How To Refer

Because The Dream Factory respects the privacy of families who have critically or chronically ill children, we do not actively recruit children for dreams or accept referrals from friends. If you know of a child who might be eligible for a dream, encourage the family to visit the website of a local chapter or contact our national headquarters.

Who can refer:

      • A parent or legal guardian of an ill child
      • A treating physician of an ill child
      • The ill child

Referral Form