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Events/COVID-19 Updates

In late February The Dream Factory of Rochester was working on the final arrangements for at least seven dreams. We were also putting the finishing touches on our annual Casino Night. We were excited to host the event in a new location where everyone and everything could be in one large room. And then the bottom fell out of every plan that every non profit organization had in the spring. Travel to Florida was not an option. Hannah who was so excited for her dream cruise was heartbroken. <br>But we at The Dream Factory did what the kids do. We pulled ourselves up, put on our masks and got back to business. Dreams shifted, some of the kids who were going to Florida changed their minds and asked for electronic shopping sprees. Computers, gaming tables, VR goggles, desks that light up and gaming chairs with all the bells and whistles. We kept busy. We kept our doors open. When the numbers were low in our area, we were able to host a very successful, socially distant golf tournament.<br>We hosted a successful Facebook Auction with donated artwork and gift baskets. We are brainstorming how best to reimagine our Casino Night so those who already purchased tickets and sponsorships can have an enjoyable experience. Will the virus numbers go down in the spring so we can host the event or will we put our creative minds together and create a virtual event?<br>All we can hope for is that our friends and families stay healthy and safe. As plans and ideas are formulated and travel dreams begin again, we will keep everyone updated. In the meantime, make the most of the end of 2020 and cheers to a 2021 that brings us back to some semblence of normalcy..


The Dream Factory of Rochester was chartered in the fall of 1998 with our first dream being fulfilled in May 1999 when Autumn, a 7 year old girl from Brockport, NY living with spinal muscular atrophy, traveled to Orlando, Florida with her mother. Today we have fulfilled over 275 dreams in our community. We have sent many children to Central Florida, NYC, California, Arizona, and tropical islands. We have provided children with televisions, computers, pools, hot tubs, room makeovers, and shopping sprees. We have introduced children to sports celebrities, musicians, actresses, and creators of television shows. Their dreams are as varied as the children we meet and the challenges they face.

If you would like to learn more about our local chapter, nominate a child, host a fundraising event, or join us at our monthly meeting.
Typically at 7:00pm the 3rd Monday of each month via Zoom until circumstances allow in person meetings.

Please contact us for meeting code and password

Photos of our 2019-2020 Dream Kids

#13 Jonnie
#12 Peter
#10 Ella
#9 Lucy
#8 Annie
#7 Luke
#6 DeAshaney
#5 and #4 Amiya and Alianna
#3 Michael
#2 Saleeman
#1 Jakob